Theatre Department Preforms Pride and Prejudice


Leia Starr

   On March 3 and 4 the Emporia High Theatre put on the play Pride and Prejudice starring Audrey Sheeley (12) and Caden Moore (11) as the leading roles: Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Inspired by the movie adaptation, the play took on a more comedic take of the book that had audiences laughing throughout.

   Natalie Denton (11), who partook in the ensemble, displayed one of many brilliantly beautiful costumes inspired by the delicate gowns that were worn during the late 18th century.

   “I was inspired to audition for Pride and Prejudice because I had seen the movie, and I loved how funny and beautiful it was,” Denton said.

   With the play as a comedic success, actors and crew members behind the scenes could feel the true success of community love as the play progressed. Hope East (10), an involved student in the theatre also served in the incredible ensemble. 

   “People in theatre are so supportive, when I put on my dress for the first time and showed it they erupted in compliments. They have always been supportive of the roles I play in the theatre, in previous years I had been backstage working with props,” East said.

   With all the love and success of the play it can be said that the performance was a victory and another great way to end this school year. 

   Next, the theatre plans to put on Senior Directed One Acts, where multiple short plays will be put on by graduating students. 

   The theatre never fails to entertain and has developed into a great, loving family.