EHS Students Reflect on Valentines Day


Mackenzie Gray

   Many students throughout the high school celebrated Valentine’s Day with one another on Tuesday. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has been celebrated for hundreds of years all over the world. 

   There are all different kinds of gifts that people receive for Valentine’s Day. 

   “The best gift that I have ever received for Valentine’s day is a fishing pole,” Brayden Criger (12) said.

   “I’ve never gotten a gift. I’m lonely *looks away sadly,*” Daniel Mendoza (11) said.

   Many different favorites come along with the day.

   “My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is feeling loved and appreciated,” Cayden Moore (11) said. 

   “My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is giving flowers,” Criger said. 

   This time of the year often calls for reflection on the parties students used to have in elementary school. 

   “I miss getting gifts from my friends,” Khalil Sanchez (12) said. 

   “I miss the homemade boxes that we would make for Valentine’s,” Jonathan Laudie (12) said. 

   “I miss all the treats that you would get from the holiday regardless of having a partner or not. Plus, treats and candy are always nice,” Chloe Eubanks (12) said.