EHS Theatre Department Hosts Annual Talent Show


Leia Starr

   On February 10th at the Emporia High School, the theatre department put on a variety show where several students showcased their incredible talents in a competition for a prize of one hundred dollars. The talents ranged from beautiful singing to exquisite color guard routines and show tune performances.

The following Monday, the winners were announced to be Cayden Moore (11) and Daniel Mendoza (11) who performed a comedic rendition of “Man or Muppet” from the movie The Muppets.

   “I love the muppet movie and me and Cayden were told by a couple people it’d be funny to do man or muppet, so we did…me and Cayden choreographed for hours and sang for hours. It was pretty sick,” Mendoza said. 

   The success does not stop at the show’s prize winners, as students Isabella Samples (10) and Clara Coltrane (12) each placed individually in the competition. Both performed songs and they sang graciously and blew the crowd away.

   “I was so incredibly happy when I heard that I had placed, but honestly I was more happy that I had participated at all,” Samples said. 

   All students displayed a variety of impressive acts that entertained the audience. Many family and friends and community members attended the show to support EHS’ talented Spartans. Thanks to the theatre department, these undiscovered gems get to shine for one night.