Junior Class Takes ACT

Lily Stephenson

Over the last two weeks, members of the junior class have been busy taking an important assessment. The American College Test (ACT) is a test that many colleges use for admission requirements, as well as in the selection of scholarships.
Each year, the state of Kansas makes the ACT available for juniors to take for free.
The ACT helps get many students into colleges and universities, however students took the test for different reasons.
“I took the ACT in hopes for a good score for college and just overall to just test my knowledge and see what I can do,” Alex Allemang (11) said.
“The colleges I’m looking at offer merit-based scholarships, so I’ve been taking ACT tests in hopes of qualifying for those scholarships,” Natalie Denton (11) said.
Many people don’t know what to expect when taking the ACT, creating nerves for students before going into the test.
“I felt nervous before the test and didnt know what to expect,” Amelia Dold (11) said.
For the free test, Emporia High School utilizes an online format, so that there is a window for testing instead of a single test date. This helps make the days run more smoothly and helps if
There are pros and cons to both but some prefer taking the written version over the online version. Some students have taken a ACT before so going into the ACT the second time they felt more confident, knowing what to expect.
The ACT is provided at Emporia High School to help students be able to apply of scholarships and colleges going into senior year, so upcoming classes can take advantage of the free test offered through the school.