Annual Homecoming Relays are Hosted at the High School


FBLA celebrates after tying with boys basketball for first place. Photo by Mackenzie Gray.

Michael Karmann

On Tuesday, the Student Council members put up an event at the high school football field that included a series of games and competitions. Students at Emporia High School were in teams promoting what club they were in. The students played many games. They played penny drop, where they had a popsicle stick in their mouth to hold a penny up and walk to a bucket then drop it in and keep going. They also had a shoe race, where all teams took off their shoes and put them in the middle of the field, then when told to go teams found their shoes first and whoever had them on the fastest won. In the end, the teams were very competitive, but the boys basketball and FBLA teams tied for first, after that there was a quick clean up and then they had the yearly bonfire.