Get to Know the New Teachers at EHS


Levi Morton

Ms. Fornelli: Teacher Inspired by its Students

Ms. Fornelli was an assistant teacher to Ms. Barnard before she got her position in the new Sensory Rooms. Her students inspired her to take the opportunity and become a full-time teacher. She was born in Hays but raised in Emporia. Her opinion on the schedule change is 50/50. She likes the day-to-day basis of the trimesters, but she also likes the split schedule of the semesters. Her future projects with the children in her class are unknown, but the new rooms will be a safe haven for the disabled and mentally disordered for generations to come.


Mr. Baldwin: Wichita Coach Goes to Emporia

Mr. Baldwin is said to be the brand-new basketball coach. His family moved from Wichita a few months ago. He taught PE and Business classes at Cheney, Goddard, and Wichita before coming here to Emporia. He hasn’t heard much about the schedule changes, but his students are buzzing about how semesters are better than trimesters. His strategy to win the Centennial League is to work hard.


Dr. Comstock: A Revival in the Making

Dr. Comstock once taught in EHS, having lived in Emporia for quite some time before she retired, but now she’s BACK from retirement! She teaches Sophomore English and has a rather calm classroom. She’s saying it’s a revival, a teacher reborn, and a big redemption story. Her thoughts on the change from Trimesters to Semesters are unclear, saying she needs time to think about it.


Mr. Nance: An English Room Takeover

Mr. Nance is said to have taught Science before in the school but has taken a break, and now is back in school, taking over Mr. Gesner’s old room. His motivation for teaching came from his father, who’s a Spanish teacher himself. His opinion on the schedule change is clear: he likes the Semester schedule because he says that the students in his class don’t have to pack up twice, and the students can do their experiments uninterrupted.


Mr. Welch: Basketball Coach Ascends to Principal

Mr. Welch has been a basketball coach for many years, and he is honored to take the position of Principal. Although the motivation for him to be a principal and leave the position to Mr. Baldwin is unknown, his saying on the change from Trimesters to Semesters is that it needs time for things to settle.


Ms. Urrutia: A Caseload Manager in the Shoes of the Devious Mrs. York

Ms. U, as she is called, has worked at USD 253 for quite a while. She was a substitute teacher to some people and was also a para in the schools in the district. She said that Mrs. Rockley, the new Developmental Work teacher working under Mrs. Dall, motivated her to become a Caseload Provider, and just as Mrs. York was about to retire. Her opinion on the change from trimesters to semesters is clear: She had semesters when she was in high school, so it seems fitting if she was a provider when semesters are now here in EHS.


Mr. Kheres: A Weight-Lifting/Team Game Teacher Sensation

Mr. Kehres is a gym teacher who does the weight lifting and team game classes. His motivation for doing this is because his father and his father before him taught classes, and he fills in the schedule that Mr. Baldwin has Kehres do. His opinion on the change is clear: He hasn’t taught in a trimester class, so he prefers the semester schedules.


Mrs. Caro: Family Tradition Carries Over – Social Studies Edition

Mrs. Caro is one of the new Social Studies teachers, and she got inspiration from her family in Newton. Her family once taught in various schools, and she once taught as a substitute in Middle School before ascending to High School. Her opinion on the changes is clear: She wants the semesters to remain.


Mrs. Fryhover: Social Studies Teacher Inspired by EHS Teacher

Mrs. Fryhover is another new teacher in the Social Studies section, and she was inspired by Mrs. Wells to become a Social Studies teacher. She was in Derby before she moved here. Her opinion on the changes is clear: She hasn’t taught any trimester classes, so she prefers the Semester schedule over the Trimester Schedule.


Mx. Claridge: Family Tradition Carries Over – Science Edition

Mx. Clairidge is one of the new Science teachers stationed in the new Science Wing. Their room has a perfect view of the Turf, the EHS Soccer Teams Home Field. Although their motivation is their family, they have taught in other schools before, and their opinion on the changes is clear: They prefer the Semester schedule.


Mr. Hellrich: Science Talker Heads to EHS

Mr. Hellrich was a talker about science in his youth, and he could be comparable to legendary Bill Nye of Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Eyes of Nye fame. He figured that his talks could lead him down the teaching path, and that’s what he did as a new Physical Science teacher. His opinion on the changes is clear: He prefers the new schedule over the old one.


Ms. Hilton-Krchnavy: The Next-Door Neighbor to Mrs. McCormack

Ms. HK, as she is known, is a new English teacher that is coincidentally right next door to Mrs. McCormack. Her inspiration came from her family, and she wanted to be here out of the family’s will. Her thoughts on the changes are clear: She prefers Semesters, and she wants them to stay.


Mrs. Hoelting: Long Time No See! Timmerman Teacher Ascends to High School Teacher

Mrs. Hoelting was a 3rd Grade teacher at Timmerman Elementary, and she returns as a reading teacher in the high school! She lived in Olpe, but her first job wasn’t there, but in Emporia as a 3rd Grade teacher before she ascended to high school. Her reason behind this is simple: Elementary teachers teach a wide variety of subjects, and Hoelting wanted to focus on one subject. She hasn’t heard much about the schedule change, so she doesn’t have a preference.


Ms. Kalma: Teacher Inspired by Senior English Teacher

Ms. Kalma is a teacher with quite an interesting classroom and quite an interesting story. She was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, in Johnson County. She got her inspiration from Ms. Gosha before she became Mrs. McCormack. She also had internships at Emporia State University, and she grew to love EHS, not wanting to leave. Her opinion on the schedule change is clear: She taught where there are semesters, so she prefers them here in EHS.


Ms. McCracken: Science Teacher Turned Teaching Coach Caught in Cameraman’s Eyes!

Ms. McCracken has been called into meetings left and right, so she was one of the many teachers that slink away before they’re needed. Caught walking in the hallway, she finally spills the beans and agrees to answer! Living in Emporia, she was a science teacher in EHS for 14 years before ascending to the ranks of the office. Her motivation for being a teacher, in general, came from her mother, and the motivation to be a teacher’s coach is because she wanted to help other teachers with their problems, randomly appearing in classrooms across the school to help with planning. Her opinion on the schedule change is clear: She prefers semesters because she likes the consistency of her schedule.


Mr. Haist: A Ninja Exposed to the Light of Journalists! The Missing Link!

Mr. Haist has been dodging journalists left and right for weeks, but he made the grave mistake of being in room 007, the code number of James Bond, and he was caught in the journalist’s trap! His inspiration came from his high school social studies teacher and his family, and his wanting to teach the kids. He has a bunch of mini-football team helmets, and he said that K-State is his favorite football team. His opinion on the schedule change is clear: He hasn’t taught in trimesters before, so he wants the semesters. Haist is also an assistant varsity basketball coach to Mr. Baldwin, and his strategy of winning the Cenntenial League is all about team composure, a lined-up strategy, and tons of discipline.