Spartan Wrestlers Compete at State


Aiden Ewing

   The Emporia high wrestling team had a great season leading up to state.

   Our Girls State Wrestlers from Emporia were Ariana Estrada (10) Katina Keosybounhuang (11), Kensley Medrano (9), Kiana Flores-Delgado (12), Breanna Wolf (10), and Alexa Castillo (9). The boy that went to state were, Lukas Hainline (12), Xerarch Tungjaroenkul (12), Davian White (12), Jesse Ultreras (12), Christian Trujillo (11), and Josiah Bradley (11). 

  They all very successful season also did an amazing job at state. They made big accomplishments this season,

   “Getting closer with my teammates and Learning different moves was one of my biggest accomplishments” Ultreras said. 

  “Being able to place at state this year having, changing my mindset, and having more confidence” Katina Keosybounhuang (11) said was one of her biggest accomplishments.

   Xerarch Tungjaroenkul was the back to back state champion in his weightclass and was also undefeated all season.

 Many accomplishments and memories were made at state this, congratulations to all the wrestlers at state.