Winter Sports Pep Assembly


Jaylen King (12) makes an attempt at collecting balloons during a game of capture the snowball. Photo by Laney Cooper.

Caleigh Crowell

   Emporia High school held a winter pep assembly on Thursday, December 8. The assembly had taken place to announce the Winter Sports candidates and host multiple games and activities. Spectacular performances were seen from the EHS cheer team, dance team, and drumline.

   The assembly was organized by junior cheerleaders who had put in a great effort to come up with games and fun activities for the student body. “The pep assembly went very well and I am very happy with the way it turned out. The most difficult part of planning the assembly was the time frame,” says Mya Meinke (11). Meinke had a short amount of time to organize the assembly but managed to put it together successfully and neatly.

   The two games that were played during this time included capture the snowball and holiday musical chairs. “I enjoyed getting to compete in front of the school against the freshmen even though we lost,” says Chloe Fischer (10). Fischer had competed in a game of capture the snowball.


At the assembly, winter sports candidates were also announced.