EHS Musicians Prepare for Seasonal Celebration

Lacey Rust

   Seasonal Celebration is a showcase of EMS and EHS students and their amazing musical abilities and showing the skills of the EHS Dance team. Band, Choir, and Orchestra from the secondary levels of Emporia School district fills the White Auditorium with holiday music and joy.

  With much anticipation and hard work to make this the best Seasonal Celebration yet, EHS Band’s drum major Oliva Eckert says, “I believe practice has gone well this year! There has been a large improvement from when we were first given the music to our most recent full orchestra rehearsal.”

   The new schedule for the performances will ensure a quicker and more efficient run of the event. Along with the band, the EHS and EMS choir will be showcasing their talents. Chorale member Brylea Guion (11) said, “I have high hopes for this year even though it has been tough to get the hang of the music… and masks are a thing of the past and they will be able to project and be able to hear more clearly.” Another thing the choir will be performing this year that is different from years past is a performance of Carol of the Bells in Ukrainian, which is the language it is traditionally written in.

   EHS Dancers also are preparing to be involved in Seasonal Celebration. EHS dance team’s Jayden Johnson says, “I love dancing to All Is Well. It is such an elegant dance and I love the tradition it has. We put a new lift in the dance which is really pretty. I think this year will go smoothly, we have lots of time to practice and prepare. We also had to record it one year due to Covid, so performing in person is always better”.

  This Seasonal Celebration will be one to look forward to not only by those performing but also by those planning to attend.