Vocal Music Performs in Their Fall Concert

Michael Karmann

On Monday, October 10th Prelude Choir, Concert Choir, Viva Voce, and Chorale played in the Emporia High School Auditorium at 7 pm. The director, Sarah Bays said, “Our concert was very successful, we are always improving and will continue to improve and so it’s nice to have our fall concert give us a sort of baseline for the year because all of our choir is going to continue to get stronger throughout the school year.”

The fall concert began with students walking in and singing One Foot on both sides of the auditorium. Once they got to the stage, they sang Laudate Dominum, Dublin’s Fair City, Gaston, California Dreamin, We Are Young, Lamentations of Jeremiah, Lineage, and Music Down my Soul. 

The song Gaston was performed as a promotion for the upcoming musical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Cayden Moore (11) performed as Gaston and David Dixon-Ratzlaff (10) performed as Lefou.

California Dreamin’ and We are Young were both solos from two students from the Viva Voce Class. California Dreamin’ was performed by Grace Isch (11) and We are Young was performed by Carlos Cruz (11).

The vocal music department will next perform at Seasonal Celebration in December.