Home Soccer Hosts the First Pink Night


EHS Soccer Team huddles while Coach Victor Ibarra talks to them. Photo by Andrew Wright.

Andrew Wright


Last night, on Tuesday, the Emporia Spartans played the Trinity Academy Knights from Wichita, wearing their pink out shirts in honor of breast cancer awareness month. During the first half, the Emporia Spartans would play hard. One player stands out, Jefry Linares (12) would continue to pressure Trinity Academy and would come close to scoring multiple times but would end up coming up a bit short. But Jefry would not be the only one doing well. Captain Alex Mosiman (11), would always try to pressure the oncoming attackers and would move the ball up the field and pass it to anyone available. Captain Diego Reyes (12) stood his ground in the goal and made some amazing saves and blocked the Knights chances from scoring. The score was still 0-0 the half-time whistle would eventually blow and the teams went back to their respective sides to go to talk with their coaches. Coach Vic talked to the Spartans, giving them more determination and advice on what to do in the next half, then the next whistle blows, letting both teams know that the half is about to start. The Spartans would struggle at first when the second half would begin, but they stood their ground and kept advancing. But a ray of hope would arise and the Spartans got a chance to take the lead due to a penalty that favored them. Rudy Bedolla (12) got the chance to take the penalty kick. The whole game was silent waiting for the result of the kick. Rudy took his stance and kicked the ball straight past the keepe

r and put the Spartans on the scoreboard. 20 minutes left in the half both teams would try their hardest but that final whistle would blow and the game would end with a 1-0 score with Emporia winning. After the game Rudy Bedolla (12) would say that “It felt really sensational and I’m happy that I scored”.