EHS Tennis Hosts Third Tournament at Home


Lillee Frank (12) and Payton Chanley (9) play their first match together. Photo by Keira Flack..

Keira Flack

The third home varsity tournament of Emporia High School girl’s tennis team took place on September 10th. Unfortunately, the meet was cut short due to rain. Kali Keough (9) was set to play for first place against Manhattan, while the doubles team Lillee Frank (12) and Payton Chanley (9) were set to play for third. Ashlyn Foraker (11) and Kailey Reynoso (12) were to play for ninth place and Darian Chadwick (11) for 11th.

Ashlyn Foraker is a varsity player on the girl’s tennis team. She has been playing tennis for about four years. When asked what her favorite thing about tennis is, Foraker answers, “It’s really fun, its really enjoyable. It’s something that I like putting 100% effort into.” Her biggest motivation in general regarding tennis is winning. Something she’s improved on since she started playing is her serves. She says, “it used to be really bad and now it’s definitely more consistent.” 

Darby Hauff (12) is a JV player for the girl’s tennis team and this is her fifth year playing tennis. When asked what her favorite thing about tennis is, Hauff answers, “I really enjoy the connections you get to make with people.” Her biggest motivation concerning tennis is getting better each time. Hauff says something she’s improved on the most is serving.

Peyton Chanley is a freshman varsity double’s partner to Lillee Frank. This meet was Chanley’s first time being on a varsity doubles team in high school. She has been taking tennis lessons every summer since she was in third grade but “only started getting serious about it two years ago.” When asked what she loves about tennis, she answered, “That’s a very difficult question because there are so many things I love about playing tennis, like the bonds I’m creating with my new doubles partner, the feelings you get after winning a difficult match, and so much more.” This past season she’s been improving on being able to consistently hit the tennis balls back at a faster pace. Her ultimate goal for this season is to go to state.