Basketball Team Starts Season Strong at Ottawa


Caleigh Crowell

   On Friday, both the boys and girls basketball teams played their first game of the season against Ottawa High. The teams are getting excited about the upcoming season as both started it off with a win. 


   The boys won with a score of 72-65, giving it their all and playing very well. Drew Hess (12) agrees as he says, “I think our first game was a big success. We were well prepared for it and I think our hard work showed. We were all ready and really looking forward to finally playing our first game.” The time that the boys have put into practicing has paid off. “We executed our offense and adjusted our defense to stop Ottawa,” says Calvin Seeley (11). 


   Along with the boys’ great efforts, the girls have also put in the work and played a great game, winning 57-44. “I thought it was a good start to the season, we played well together but defensively we lacked and have a long way to go,” says Emeil Bennett (11). Bennett felt that her team did a good job and sees room for improvement in the near future. “I would consider our first game to have been successful. We are going through some readjusting and having new kids step up and take over some big roles, I think we have a good chance to do some great things this year,” says Addie Kirmer (11). 


   As the season goes on, amazing things can be expected of the Spartan basketball teams.