EHS Hosts First Powder Puff Game

Adeiah Heffner

The Powderpuff game started at 6:30 p.m. on the Emporia Soccer Field. The participants included a team of freshmen and juniors girls. They played a four quarter game, resulting in a junior win, 30-6.

Optimistically responding junior board sponsor Tonya Dall believed the event went better than expected, and she enjoyed the fun night. The MVP of the game was Addie Kirmer (11). Coaches of the junior team were Jalen King (12) and Fred Jackson (12).

Fred Jackson tells us that the most difficult aspect of coaching was keeping the players focused and listening to him. His recommendation for the next powderpuff game would be to make sure that every class gets involved so there are more teams. Freshman coaches were Mark Decker (10) and Kobe Le (10).

Junior player, Caleigh Crowell (11) says, “I felt that the game went very well as there was a lot of inclusion and fair opportunity for everyone to have the chance of playing.” We would like to applaud Taylor Cunningham (11) and Addison Gutierrez (11) for organizing this event and hope to see it happen again next year.